Camp Results

One of the greatest benefits of bringing your youth or high school football team to one of our combine camps is data.  After each camp, Sport Metric will deliver to the team’s coach, a spreadsheet with the full results of the combine for your team. The spreadsheet will be set up with sorting and filtering criteria so coaches can drill down into the data in order to coach athletes up in the areas where they are weak and to put athletes in a position to succeed by making sure the position they are playing best matches their skills and abilities.  When camps are done in consecutive years, or before and after a season, coaches can track the progress of their individual athletes to see who is developing and who still needs more training.  Data is being used at all levels of sports to give teams an edge.  Without this type of information, you are working at a disadvantage. To set up a combine, please contact Darius Perry at 602-545-1866

June 30th, 2018 combine

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